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MotoGP 2 Torrent Kickass

MotoGP 2 Torrent is motorcycle racing game. It is a MotoGP season. In response to the runaway success of the original MotoGP for the PC, THQ decided to bring the next game in the series to both the PC and the Xbox. The original MotoGP 15 Kickass Featured accurate and accessible controls, stunning visuals, and a dynamic racing experience, and the PC version of the sequel managed to improve on the outstanding original in every way. The PC version of MotoGP 2, on the other hand, shows signs of being perhaps a little too closely related to its cousin, and in the end, the developer should have spent more time making the PC version as cohesive as its console counterpart. Fortunately, the game is at least available at retail at a budget price of $20.
The first thing you’ll notice when comparing the versions side by side is that their menu systems are nearly identical. Unfortunately, this means that the in-game menus don’t have PC-specific options, such as the ability to adjust your control setup and graphical configuration. These functions are all handled by the game’s launcher, so you have to exit the game and then relaunch to make any changes. The game does all this with short load times and very little fanfare, but it’s still a pretty clumsy setup.

MotoGP 2 Torrent

MotoGP 2 Full Game Download Torrent

Otherwise, MotoGP 2 Torrent is a detailed re-creation of the 2002 MotoGP series, and with the changes, it makes to last year’s title, the experience is a spot-on match. The roster has been updated to match last year’s series, with riders such as Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, Sete Gibernau, and Daijiro Kato. The track count has gone up to 16, representing all of the series’ courses, from Suzuka and Sepang to Brno and Valencia. The 500cc two-stroke machines now share the starting grid with 1,000cc four-stroke bikes such as the Yamaha M1, the Suzuki GSV-R, and the Honda RC211V. The single-player mode provides a wide variety of modes to play in, such as the quick race mode, for those who want to jump right into the action, and the stunt mode, which is an arcade like game in which you pull off high-speed stunts to score points and unlock new riders. Other modes include time trials to polish your cornering lines on the tracks and a slew of multiplayer modes.

motogp 2 download kickass

MotoGP 2 PC Game Torrent Download

The heart of the single-player game is the career mode, in which you create a rider to compete in the full MotoGP series. In addition to choosing a bike and leathers, you’ll distribute attribute points into skills such as cornering, braking, acceleration, and top speed. Additional points are won by completing challenges and winning races, so if you’re successful you’ll have a pretty skilled racer by the end of the season. Each circuit is run in a sequence and presented as a two-day race event. The first day is for practice and qualification for grid placement, and the second is for the race itself. True to life, races are held rain or shine, and the lines you chose on a sunny practice day might be thrown out completely in the pouring rain of the actual race day. At the end of each series, you can choose to go back and race on any of the previous tracks again or complete any challenges you may have missed to improve your attributes, or you can move on to the next season.

motogp 2 game free download for pc full version

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The PC version of the game MotoGP 2 Torrent accurate simulation of the control of Grand Prix race bikes–but this is another area in which the PC version falls short. The operation of the game’s motorcycles relies heavily on analog control, from gradually increasing lean angle as the bike dives into a turn to the smooth application of throttle to speed out of it. This translates very well to the PC controller since nearly every function on that controller is analog. But few such controllers exist for the PC, and digital control of your throttle and brakes, in particular, can create some serious problems. If you’ve got a gamepad with analog sticks, you can at least assign one of them to the throttle, but you’ll have less control over your bike overall, especially when it comes to pulling off advanced techniques, such as powerslides and burnouts.When riding a motorcycle, going from nothing to wide-open throttle and locking your brakes are good ways to compromise the traction of one or both of your tires, which in turn is a good way to ensure that your rider spends a lot of time on the ground. While this problem can be alleviated somewhat if you set the game’s scaleable “simulation” setting at 0 percent, the game is nearly unplayable at any other setting, especially in wet weather–this can be particularly frustrating, especially for beginners.

MotoGP 2 Additional Information

Genre: Racing Game
Developer: Climax
Publisher: THQ
Release Date: May 22, 2003
Buy ‘MOTOGP 2’: Xbox | PC

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: Pentium 2 @ 450 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
GPU: DirectX 9 compatible 3D cards, 32 MB
DX: 9.0
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Sound: DirectX Compatible
Recommended peripheral: Keyboard & Mouse

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