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A Far Cry 2 Torrent is a sequel to far cry. Even though it is a sequel it is nothing like the unique some distance cry. Rather than an island you’re within the African savanna, monitoring down a guns provider this is impacting the alliance for famous resistance and the united the front for liberation and labor with guns galore. Your task is to song down this dealer and kills him.Far Cry 2 Download Full Game for PC.

Far Cry 2 Torrent

In a  Far Cry 2  you can select between 12 characters, choosing what man or woman you are will not have any impact on the storyline. While you arrive in Africa you may find out that your person has malaria and you ought to get remedy now and again to address the signs and symptoms. In some far cry 2 kickass pc there are many weapons and automobiles to pick out from, which includes boats, hand gliders, jeeps, flamethrowers, and lots more! The cool aspect approximately far cries 2 is you can play the sport the way you need. In case you don’t feel like doing a challenge you may pass it and are available returned to it later. The way you play it will additionally affect the final results of the sport, so choose your direction wisely.

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Far Cry 2 Highly Compressed PC Game Download Torrent

A few stuff you ought to possibly realize about some far cry 2 pc game earlier than you get it’s far that the game map is huge! I’m not kidding, it will probably take you up to an hour and a half of to power from the bottom of the map to the pinnacle and that is in a jeep. Some other element you will need to understand a way to do is find a map. After I play the sport I probably have the map out for around 70% of the time I’m gambling. In case you can’t study a map you’re in massive trouble due to the fact as I stated before the map is huge! You must additionally be geared up to fight at any second. One second you will be riding down the street on your jeep, and the following element you may be beneath fire from an enemy encampment just up the road.

far cry 2 pc game kickass

Now I can let you know the professionals and cons of far cry 2. Now that is my opinion and it may range from yours so please cling to me.


1. You could make a massive fire out at the open savanna.

2. Lots of different weapons and tools to allow you to play the game how you need

Three. Masses of different vehicles to get you around the tremendously big map

4. Remarkable snapshots and audio to make your experience even more exciting


1.You’re constantly getting attacked by the enemy

2. The map is sometimes too large and is very stressful when you should pressure a car for 10 mins simply to get to your goal

Three. Getting medicinal drug to deal with malaria could be very time eating.

All in all, i would say that this is a first-rate recreation for all of those who like a very good fps/journey game. It has a deep story with masses of twists, brilliant element, and portraits, and let’s face it, who would not like playing with fire! However, if you hate using automobiles to and fro across the map this sport is not for you as most of it slow on this recreation could be in a car.

Far Cry 2 PC Game Requirements:
  • CPU: Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz, Pentium D 2.66 Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or better.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Video card: NVidia 6800 or ATI X1650 or better (Shader Model 3 required, 256 Mb of graphic memory)
  • Hard drive space: ~12 Gig of HD space. (tbd), DVD-ROM drive.

Far Cry 2 Trailer:

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