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Star Wars The Old Republic Torrent PC 

Star Wars The Old Republic Torrent is multiplayer role-playing game for PC. This game is base on star wars universe.  It was released on December 20, 2011. Star Wars The Old Republic is available only on windows. The Old Republic was first launched in 2011 and is still being supported by developer BioWare, the MMORPG is due to receive its next expansion next month which provides a wide range of new content for players.The free to play the game can be played through Steam or the official client and despite its age, there’s a large active player base spanning all levels of the game.The upcoming expansion is certainly something to look forwards to but there are plenty of reasons to start playing this game now.

Star Wars The Old Republic TorrentStar Wars The Old Republic Torrent Gameplay for PC

Set three hundred years after the events in knights of the vintage republic (and providing a few familiar faces), star wars: the old republic will place players on both facets of a big warfare between the republic and the empire.

star wars knights of the old republic download full gameStar Wars The Old Republic Game for PC Torrent

In star wars: the vintage republic, players will explore an age heaps of years earlier than the upward push of Darth Vader when struggle among the vintage republic and the sith empire divides the galaxy. Gamers can select to play as Jedi, sith, or an expansion of other conventional celebrity wars roles, defining their private story and figuring out their path down the light or dark facet of the force. Alongside the manner, Swtor gamers will befriend courageous companions who will fight at their side or probably betray them, based totally on the gamers’ moves. Players can also pick out to screw up with friends to conflict enemies and triumph over high-quality challenges.

star wars knights of the old republic kickassStar Wars The Old Republic System Requirements:
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ / Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or better
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • RAM:
    • Windows XP: 1.5GB RAM
    • Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB RAM
    • Note: PCs using a built-in graphical chipset are recommended to have 2GB of RAM.
  • Video card: minimum of 256MB of on-board RAM as well as support for Shader 3.0 or better (nVidia 7800 or better)
  • DVD-ROM drive: 8x speed or better (required for installation from physical editions only)
  • Internet connection required playing.
knights of the old republic isoStar Wars The Old Republic Trailer:


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