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Mass Effect 2 Torrent Download

Hello, and welcome to Mass Effect 2 Torrent!This game was released in very early 2010 and it is, of course, a direct sequel to Mass Effect.It’s still a tactical RPG, but compared to its predecessor it’s a lot more tactical and less RPG.Now, I’m quite excited about this playthrough I’m going to be doing since it will be really unorthodox.I played this game 4 times already, so I figured that this time around I want to make it more exciting.So this run will be unusual in two ways.

Mass Effect 2 TorrentFirst, this will be something akin to a 0% run: I will only go through the main plot,and go out of my way to avoid doing sidequests.The way the game progresses is really convoluted, so in time it will become clear why I’m doing a run like this.The second unusual aspect of this run will be mods.In the first game, I used only two mods, whereas here I will use around fourteen of them!Mind you, I won’t have all of them applied at once, but rather showcase beforehand how the regular game plays like.So we will essentially have a daily “mod-of-the-day” until I have all of them applied.These mods will all be visual or gameplay changes, as well as some fixes; nothing overly major when taken individually, but all combined will surely be an interesting experience.

mass effect 2 dlc download pcMass Effect 2 Torrent PC Download

I will also always describe how to install the mod-of-the-day in the description of the video.In fact, this introduction video starts with
two mods already applied!The first mod you can already see in action right here on the title screen.Normally if you wait long enough on the title screen, the game will play a cinematic trailer from E3, but that is slight spoilers, therefore I replaced it with the Mass Effect 2 logo that you just saw.The second mod that I have applied is called A Lot Of Textures, or ALOT in short, and it is the successor to the improved textures mod for the first game.It is quite complicated to install, but it’s worth the effort as it brings the graphics quality to a whole new level.Just like with the first game, this introduction video will be mainly me talking about the plot, and the very first part of the intro to the game.Don’t expect action until the second video in this playthrough.

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And also like the first game, I will not tolerate any spoilers in the comments.If your comment disappears, that’s most likely the reason why.So what plot is there that I want to talk about?Well, remember how at the start of the first game, I talked about the prequel novel, Mass Effect: Revelation?Well, it turns out that there is also an interim novel between the events of Mass Effect andMass Effect 2, called Mass Effect: Ascension.It’s not quite as essential as the first novel, but it is still a good read and gives nice background information.So give it a try if you haven’t done that yet.But first, let’s summarize the important plot points in the series up to this point, from the new perspective that we gained at the end of Mass Effect.Fifty thousand years ago the galaxy was ruled by the Prothean Empire, but their rule came to an abrupt end due to the Reapers, machines that harvest all advanced life in the galaxy.One day a vanguard of the Reapers awoke and sent a signal to the Citadel.

Mass Effect 2 System Requirements PC

Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7.
2.6+ GHz Cure 2 Duo Intel or equivalent AMD CPU.
ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, or better recommended.
100% DirectX compatible sound card and drivers.
DirectX August 2008.

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